Fireside Stories

SeaBear Fireside is a place to tell stories about life at sea and in the wild’s of the world.

Since time immemorial humanity has gathered around the fireside to celebrate, feed and warm their bodies and souls, and share the stories of their struggles in a world that was sometimes hostile, but also exhilarating, and incredibly beautiful. First man carried it with them into their ceremonial caves as they communed with the land and the animals that inhabit it. This was at the dawn, and although most of us live a life far removed from their elemental struggle, somewhere in the deepest caverns of our psyche we still carry that flame within us. It speaks to us when we sit by the fire in some beautiful wild place. Wind. Water. Earth. Fire. The elements alive again to our experience move around, and through us.

If I could send a prayer off to the four directions this is what I would say. They are not my words. They are the words of the Navajo people and the Sioux people.


Beauty before me. With it I wander.
Beauty behind me. With it I wander.
Beauty surrounding me. With it I wander.
Hoka Hey (today is a good day to die). I am on the Pollen Path.


I am not sure if they would approve of my eclectic mantra of their sacred traditions, but for some reason it seems to me that these two sentiments go well together. It defines an outlook on life that I would like to think that I strive towards in my daily life. It is a war cry to live life to the utmost and a quiet prayer of thanks for its blessed gifts.

Here in this space within each of us I hope my humble words will resonate, along with the rekindled flicker of that primordial flame as I tell my story.  By all means there are more stories to be told by this fireside than my own.

If you have a story about your life that you carry with you and gives you daily strength, defines who you are, brings joy, engenders forgiveness, promotes responsibility, etcetera, or is even purely entertaining or informative or just down right hilarious, we would love to have you share it with us.  Where we sit by the fireside, like the roaring bonfire of driftwood on a unknown beach, there are no doors.